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Bark Busters trains your dog in your home. This is where most of a dog’s behavioral issues occur and is also where your dog is most comfortable. In his home environment your dog can focus and respond better to training.


Harv was an amazing trainer and I would highly recommend him! First, he sat down with us and we explained the few different issues we were having with our dog. We were able to go over at least one […]

Brooke | Orlando, Orange

Our trainer Harv Kaplan went to our home and provided a 3 hour training session to our dog “Pianka”. What a great experience! I learned a lot from him in that short period of time. He explained us […]

Carlos | Melbourne, Brevard

Amazing is the only way to sum it up. My dogs successfully began to understand my demands and my role in their lives within the first training session. The shift of power was almost immediate and no […]

Marliese | Melbourne, Brevard

Very structured training, easy to perform and remember. […]

Will | Orlando

Harv did a great job with Marlie. We noticed improvement immediately. We would recommend Bark Busters! […]

Galand | Cocoa Beach

In one hour Harv was able to address our concerns as well as being able to see improvement during the session. […]

Brianna | Rockledge

This training process was very informative. We have learned many new things and told what NOT to do. I learned many things that we were doing were not the correct responses. […]

Ashleigh | Melbourne

Very good - explained well and answered our questions. […]

Karen | Melbourne

We learned a lot today. Mostly what we were doing wrong. It was nice to learn the right way to do things. […]

Michelle | Melbourne

Move over Dog Whisperer !!! Harv is AMAZING at what he does. He transformed my aggressive, barking jumping up, French Bulldog behavior in a matter of hours. Amazing truly amazing. His methods work, […]

Patricia | Rockledge, Brevard

Move over Dog Whisperer !!! Harv is AMAZING at what he does. He transformed my aggressive, barking jumping up, French Bulldog behavior in a matter of hours. Amazing truly amazing. His methods work, […]

Patricia | Rockledge, Brevard

Harv is an excellent trainer. He was able to give us important information about how to communicate with our dog Marlie that had immediate impact. I was able to walk her on a leash with out her […]

Laura | Cocoa Beach, Brevard

Very informative, Change in dog's behavior instantly! […]

Patricia | Geneva

Storm, a 2 year old female Rottie, had a traumatic incident over a year ago. Her behavior over the last 6 months was increasing a concern for symptoms of depression, lethargic, and at times acting […]

JOHN | Titusville

We worked on issues with growing puppies. We had one quick session to address separation anxiety. We successfully learned how to have our puppies encounter people, dogs, birds, squirrels on walks. We […]

Jessica | Merritt Island

AMAZING! Instant results in the dogs' behavior. More importantly, I learned quite a bit as to why the dogs act the way they do and how my actions can affect the dog. Well worth the time spent, very […]

Christy | Melboure

Very thorough, informative. Trainer [Harv] is VERY patient with owners! Thank you […]

Sharon | Rockledge
Paul & Mary

We would absolutely recommend this training. We have a dog that was rescued and you gave us the tools to make this a happy successful home. […]

Paul & Mary | Titusville
Tim & Pam

Excellent session for us to better understand dog behavior and make changes in our handling of Gatwick. Harv is a great "people" trainer. Extremely impressed at the knowledge of the handler - Harvey […]

Tim & Pam | Melbourne

Great session to stop annoying barking and having dogs come when called. You CAN teach an old dog new tricks! :) […]

Jennifer | Rockledge

Extremely informative. Excellent presentation and instruction, demonstrations were fun and immediately effective. Harv made the training session fun while also presenting at speeds that myself, my […]

Bryan | Melbourne

Harv was absolutely awesome! Patient, very knowledgeable, and explained everything very well. Our dog is responding very well. What an improvement! Thank you so much! […]

Jerry | Titusville, Brevard

Harv was terrific with our dog. She took to the lessons immediately and seems to be doing well with all her training. I couldn’t believe you can train a dog without treats or other equipment. […]

Marilyn | Melbourne, Brevard

We love Harv! He’s made more progress in 2 months than three 6 week puppy training classes have! […]

Dorothy | Melbourne, Brevard

Amazing results on the first day. Truly confident now that I have the skills to continue the training and have the well behaved home companion I dreamed of. […]

SkyHawk | Merritt Island, Brevard

A special thank you to Harvey for his follow up training with me and Ginger. The time you spent with us today was very helpful and really clarified to me my part in the dog training program. You […]

Sherry | Cocoa

What an amazing training session. Really feel like I learned to Communicate with my dog like never before. Harv is very professional and connects to pets and people. Would highly recommend to anyone […]

Sky | Merritt Island, Brevard

Harv was amazing!! Not only did he help with the dog he trained us to be better dog parents! In one session the change was just plain amazing to see. I learned so much as well as my dog. I am looking […]

April | Rockledge, Brevard

Would like to give a little shoutout to Harv and John for teaching myself and my husband how to properly train our 6 month old Boxador yesterday. This was our first experience using trainers and it […]

kristin | maitland

Harvey is super. Barking by Pepper is now better than ever. Harvey’s techniques are true to his word and one visit has made such a difference. […]

Darryl | Titusville

Honestly, I am in awe!!! Riley responded so well to Harv's training techniques. She barks at everything and everyone and after his first visit she's settling down and not barking as much. I have […]

Jeralyn | Melbourne

See Shadow calmly sitting? Yes, this wouldn't have happened without Harvey Kaplan. I have trained other dogs in the past, but Shadow was a challenge. Even for a goofy lab, she was stubborn. We […]

Tyler | Cocoa

'Another trainer and my vet referred me to Bark Busters and Harvey Kaplan because I couldn't get a handle on my dog's aggression and I was going to have to rehome him. He was aggressive towards […]

Cindy | Melbourne