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As your Bark Busters Orlando Dog Trainer, I think of myself as your “mentor”. I help you change the relationship your dog has with your whole family.  Our first lesson will occur in your home. Why in your home? Because this is where your dog is calmest and where most of the issues occur. Your dog will be more focused because there are fewer distractions. Here is what you can expect from our dog training sessions:

Training is a team effort. Think of me as your coach, supplying you with the skills and advice you need to change your dog’s behavior. I will involve every member of your family in the training since everyone should be on the same page when it comes to training.

Practice makes perfect. If you practice the Bark Busters techniques throughout the day, you will be successful in helping your dog overcome unwanted behaviors. Remember, dogs learn best through repetition and consistency.

Not every moment is a training moment. If you are distracted or rushed, don’t try and use this time to train. Wait until you have time to focus on what you are doing.

There is no such thing as a bad dog. Too often dogs are rehomed or abandoned through no fault of their own. Often it is a case where the pet parents did not have the right tools to teach their dog to listen. That will not be the case with Bark Busters! Dogs aren’t bad – there is just “bad communication” between humans and canines. Dogs aren’t trying to misbehave. They want to please you, but they don’t know how.

There is no “quick fix” even if our lesson produces dramatic results. During our lesson, we will discuss some rules and boundaries and show your dog you can be a leader. Dogs are lifelong learners and need continual reinforcement to make sure you remain the leader. How much time you spend practicing directly determines the success of your training.

Your dog will still be your dog. Many times, pet parents want to make sure their dog does not lose his playfulness or spunkiness because of our dog training. Their personalities won’t change. What will change is that their mis-behaviors and naughtiness can be overcome. Conversely, we can’t make an aloof dog love affection or a fearful dog to embrace dog parks. Here is what one client has to say:
“We couldn’t have guests over because she would jump all over them. And walk on a leash? No way! After ONE (yes one) lesson from Bark Busters, Shadow was following my commands. I couldn’t believe it. Once Harvey taught me the basics of dog psychology, the training was easy and fun! And yes Shadow is goofy as ever (in other words the training did not strip her personality) but now a well behaved goofy!” Tyler H


Your dog sets the pace for education. Every dog is different and will “catch on” at a different pace. Your dog may be a slower or faster learner than others. He may be quicker to accept certain changes than others. With persistence, patience and respect, you can have a well-behaved dog.

Your dog may have to change his diet. I have seen how certain types of food can adversely affect a dog’s behavior.  A change in your dog’s nutrition can make a very big difference in behaviors.

Call me Harvey Kaplan today if you want a well-behaved dog!

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